Underground Shell Manager

Automated Web-Shells Manager. This program is designed for large amounts of shells. Currently supports the following types of web-shells: WSO, PAS.


  1. Multithreading
  2. Checking shell valid
  3. Touch shells
  4. Setup BackDoors to shells (breakout ~90%)
  5. Restore shells from backdoors
  6. Search other domains on shells (through catalogs)
  7. Checking SEO metrics: TIC, Alexa Rank, MozRank (Domain Authority), Yandex and Google indexation (without captcha)
  8. Cleaning the database from duplicate domains
  9. Executing PHP-codes on shells (recording execution results to a file)
  10. Executing Console command on shells (recording execution results to a file)
  11. Uploading your files to shells (specified directory / farthest directory / root directory / directory with shell)
  12. Insert your code in the file / files to a specified location in the shell:
    • beginning of file
    • end of file
    • up to a specified string (with Regular Expression)
    • after the specified line (with Regular Expression)

  13. Removing the shell from the site (but not from the database)

More Features:

  1. Working with multiple databases
  2. Ability to set a comment for each shell
  3. Setting the display of columns in the table
  4. AutoUpdate

Cost of the program:

Eternal license: 100$
One year license: 35$

Renewal of the license for one year: 50% of the current value
Rebinding: 5$